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You are boss of SMEs, business, professional, executive, you're looking to finance a rental property investment under the tax exemption laws in force, our cell brokerage loans, through its partnerships with specialized banks in France or in Europe is able to offer a financial measure. You want to make a rental investment abroad (in the Dominican Republic or elsewhere), you have an existing property in France that is not subject to a mortgage, our cell specialized financing may allow you to finance with some its banking partners to purchase your 100% (subject to earned income, value of savings and financial value of real estate) without even changing banks, In order to help you make your purchase with confidence, our cell funding will manage in your best interests different stages of your loan file: - Collecting all documents required for setting up your file as soon as possible in order to present it quickly to banking partners. - Finding financial conditions the least expensive and most appropriate for your profile. - Presentation of the folder branch in order to obtain the desired conditions. - Validation of the solution with you before you in the selected institution to sign your application for credit and insurance, if you want insurance different from that proposed, we support you in your application to insurance brokers in a perpetual worry to save you money. .- Guidance through the signing of the loan offers and dismissal within the statutory deadline. - Track your record until the release of funds we can offer this service regardless of where you live in France with the same determination and the same efficiency,
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